Excellence with Impact

The BBSRC Excellence with Impact Conpetition aims to recognise institutions that can develop and successfully deliver a vision for maximising impact, alongside a relevant institution-wide culture change.
The impact of scientific research can take many forms, from industry interaction and the related economic impacts of spinout company creation, patents and licensing, to training, knowledge exchange, policy development and public engagement.


The School of Biological Sciences and The Roslin Institute are together leading the University's 'Excellence with Impact' agenda for research in the biological and life sciences.


Through 'Excellence with Impact' we aim to ensure that all researchers, from postgraduate students to professors, are supported to engage with potential users and beneficiaries of their research.

Read about how we are assessing and understanding attitudes to impact within the University here

We already have a very successful track record of achieving economic benefits for business and industry from our research, through licensing, consultancy, company formation and collaborative research. We have a very strong programme of public engagement activities to ensure our research is discussed in the wider societal context. We work with teachers and others to share knowledge of the latest in scientific discoveries. And we work with clinicians in hospitals and veterinary settings to translate basic research findings into advances for human and animal health.

The impacts from our research can be wide ranging. Possibilities and past impacts include products for the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, improvements to animal welfare, breakthroughs in the treatment of human disease, improvements in crop yields or biotechnology production, policy changes in health and environmental management, and stimulating public debate around issues in health, welfare and the environment. The range of impacts from our research is wide and the potential for enhancing this through extending the involvement of all our researchers is huge.